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    Universal Audio Announces All‑New LUNA Recording System

    Universal Audio Announces All‑New LUNA Recording System — Apollo-powered recording system features Accelerated Realtime Monitoring, built-in Neve Summing, Multitrack Tape Emulation, and new LUNA Instruments from Universal Audio, Moog Music, Spitfire Audio, and more — SCOTTS VALLEY, CA •...
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    Discovery Networks Corners Composers in Music Royalties Battle

    Music makers for shows like "Deadliest Catch" decry the new contract provisions as “evil." Shows on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, HGTV and Food Network may sound very different in the coming months. That’s because Discovery Networks, which owns those and other cable channels, is...
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    The PROFILER Floorboard is here: Kemper release KEMPER PROFILER Stage

    Ultimate convenience arrives in the PROFILER family! Complete PROFILER incl. PROFILING with Integrated Remote-Grade Switching System Today Kemper released the KEMPER PROFILER Stage™, the acclaimed KEMPER PROFILER digital guitar amplifier combined with the PROFILER Remote™ — the quintessential...
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    We have added some new emojis today! :mb: :shocker: :yawn: :brow: :poo2: :naughty: :coolio: :si:
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    Software Updates, New Style!

    We've updated the forum software, and have added a new default style, "Soundloop Dark". If you prefer a lighter theme, you can change styles from the bottom left corner "Style Chooser" icon.
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Hi djkim, An Off Topic forum has now been created. Thanks!
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Fixed! Thank you for pointing that out :agree:
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    We've Hi MM, We've done some updates, as well as a new default theme. You can switch back to the light theme at the bottom left of the page. Likes should be working correctly again!
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    Plugin Alliance Ends Pick-Pack Rent-to-Own Model. Existing Customers Absolved of Remaining Payments.

    From Plugin Alliance, July 10, 2019 Hi everybody! Today we have discontinued our PickPack Rent-To-Own model! Let me give you the Good News for all ACTIVE PickPackers first: If your PickPack plan was cancelled by us today - and we have cancelled ALL active plans a few minutes ago - you now...
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    Exponential Audio Sold to Izotope - Exponential Website to Close Shop

    April 3, 2019 From Michael Carnes (Exponential Audio): Some Exciting News Hello. This note is going out to customers of Exponential Audio and to people who’ve been interested in Exponential products. I have very big news and I’ll share that with you just a little later on in this message...
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Indeed, there was a major update installed last night. Theme updates are being installed in the next day or so which hopefully will fix any outstanding glitches. Thanks!
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    Chinese Pirates of Electro-Harmonix Software Walk the Plank!

    "After almost two years of fighting, the Chinese courts have awarded Electro-Harmonix a nearly six figure judgement. Our victory is now complete and these pirates have walked the plank!" Shenzhen MooerAudio Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer and marketer of electronic effects pedals, was...
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    Hardware BURL NextGen Analog Products Announced

    BURL Audio Santa Cruz, CA October 11, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BURL Audio is very proud to announce its new line of BURL NextGen Analog circuits for the BURL Audio product line. These new designs are the result of 25 years of analog R&D and thousands of hours of listening tests. The BURL...
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    Hardware Solid State Logic Launches Fusion

    OXFORD, ENGLAND - Solid State Logic is extremely proud to announce Fusion, an all-analogue 2U outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. Fusion introduces five completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and...
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    Antelope Audio & Sweetwater Sound Part Company

    In an email to customers today from Antelope Audio owner and founder Igor Levin, Antelope Audio have annouced that Sweetwater Sound will no longer be carrying their products. Dear customers & partners, We would like to inform you that as of June 28th, Antelope is no longer working with...