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Louder Than Liftoff is proud to introduce Silver Bullet - a unique collaborative effort between Louder Than Liftoff and industry veteran, drBill, that marries drBill's vintage Tone-Amp experimentations with Louder Than Liftoff's modern design approach and aesthetic. This labor of love offers a first-of-its-kind analog topology and workflow that is designed for, and easily integrated into the modern DAW-based studio. The Silver Bullet was designed to enhance and shape tracks to sound like a record during every phase of audio production from composition to the final mixdown.

MOJO Amps + Tone Shaping = Tone-Amp™

The Silver Bullet represents a new, innovative class of hardware designed to infuse missing analog mojo into your digital world. MOJO Amps capturing the vibe of vintage American and British consoles are coupled with a musical results-driven set of tone shaping features. Together they create a Tone-Amp capable of handling all mixing, tracking, and microphone preamp duties.

Integrated signal routing functionality not only enhances creativity and workflow, but also makes the Silver Bullet a single unit solution for the modern hybrid studio.

The Silver Bullet is very effective at introducing desirable analog artifacts (i.e. 'mojo') into digitally produced mixes without expensive summing solutions, consoles, or never-ending chains of emulation plugins.

  • Tone-Amp analog Mix and Tracking processing modes with dedicated I/O
  • 'A' and 'N' cascading MOJO Amp circuit topologies inspired by classic American and British consoles from the 70's
  • Mix and Tracking Modes allows both Mix processing and Overdub / Tracking processing without any re-patching of cables or need for patch bays
    • Mix: process the 2-bus, bounce digitally recorded tracks and stems, combine with a DAW controlled summing system, or use with a passive summing in Folcrom mode.
    • Track: connect after your mic preamp, synth, sampler, etc.
  • Mic Modes allow Silver Bullet to function as a fully featured stereo microphone preamplifier with Polarity Reverse and 48V phantom power
  • Stereo signal path throughout with single set of easily recallable detented controls
  • Visually stunning 20-segment stereo high resolution output meter
  • Mojo LEDs provide visual feedback of signal level intensity
  • Tone shaping EQ suite designed specifically for mix sweetening and broad stroke tone sculpting of individual tracks
    • Tight: 12 dB/oct, 20 Hz high pass filter with slight resonance at 40 Hz for tightening bottom end and increasing low frequency headroom
    • Baxandall Tone EQ, +/-9 dB boost/cut
      • LF: Pultec-inspired Subsonic (30 Hz) and Bass (60 Hz) frequencies
      • HF: Presence and Air frequencies
    • Vintage: softens high frequency response to emulate vintage British consoles
  • Custom wound, American made transformers
  • ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps designed by Louder Than Liftoff, conforming to standard 2520 footprint
  • Class-A biased op amps
  • All circuit components chosen by ear for maximum MOJO
  • Includes robust external universal (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz) power supply and IEC power cord (14 AWG - U.S. only


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