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    Plugin reverb remover for choral samples

    Great, thanks for these suggestions!
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    Software Cthulhu Plugin by Xfer Records Review

    For sure! Steve Duda’s plugins seem to always spark new angles of creativity, they are so great that way, along with being effective “tools”.
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    Software Cthulhu Plugin by Xfer Records Review

    Thanks Monkey Man! Ha ha that does sound pretty “proper” now that I read it back! I was actually just trying to articulate what I learned in a way that would be useful to people... it’s so hard to do. Yeah I was thinking of contacting Steve with the idea. Like you say, he offers amazing support...
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    Software Cthulhu Plugin by Xfer Records Review

    Cthulhu Plugin by Xfer Records Cthulhu is essentially two plugins in one, containing both an arpeggiator and a “chords” module. There is a lot of information and reviews already available regarding the specifics of these two tools so this post focusses on a few aspects of the plugin that I...
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    Plugin reverb remover for choral samples

    I’ve got a bunch of obscure choir recordings on vinyl that I like to chop to use as vox samples. Problem is they were all recorded in large halls and have a ton of reverb, so when I go to use them they don’t have enough presence and sit way back in the mix. I’d like to find a good plugin to...
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    Ableton Live Users - Tell me what you love most about it compared to other DAWs

    For modern music creation it’s pretty hard to beat Live in my opinion. I wouldn’t know where to even start describing all of the creative tools Live has that other DAWs don’t. I feel like if you can imagine it, Live can execute it. In addition to that, the structure of Live allows for amazing...
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    Ableton Push

    I have no experience with Push 2, hoping to get one someday. Push 1 can be a little finicky/ glitchy at times so hopefully they got those bugs ironed out.
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    Ableton Push

    Yes! I use Push 1 all the time as my main controller for Live. I haven’t used a lot of other Live controllers to compare it to but Push is pretty amazing. I find the advanced integration is so helpful in allowing me to remove myself more from falling into the trap of creating visual computer...
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    Schoeps 221b uses?

    I had the privilege of tracking in the studio with an amazing mic yesterday that I had previously never experienced, the Schoeps 221b. We used it principally on a cello, along with a vintage u87 as a “room” mic but still fairly close. The Schoeps was simply amazing, it really captured the...
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    For production and engineering ideas when you hit a roadblock, check out these two guys on youtube...

    Agreed, Pensado’s ITL segments are really great. They outline some useful modern fresh techniques but also new ways of approaching old concepts. Inspiring stuff that can often lead to conceptual changes in your creative and technical process.
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    Dollar for dollar, what are the underrated synths or synthesizer modules?

    My pick is the Roland Alpha Juno 1. From aggressive punchy sounds to beautiful drones and pads this thing is pretty versatile. DCO yes, but it does have a 24db analog lowpass filter. Full disclosure, I use the PG-300 programmer, which is not cheap and the combo probably puts this synth out of...
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    Info Wanted: Dolby Labs Model 362 - Equaliser Filter Card

    I recently was given a Dolby Labs Model 362 Noise Reduction Unit. It has two slots (A & B) with two different cards currently inserted. Slot A has the common and sought after Cat No 22 card (Dolby System A-Type Noise Reduction Module). Slot B has the Equaliser Filter Card in question, labeled...
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    Rupert Neve Designs (RND) Portico Series purchase advice

    I recently purchased a couple of RND Portico units off of eBay. They have the original design, and do not look the same as the current model for sale. Although I absolutely love them sonically, the very sparse markings on the faceplate make them quite tricky to use at times. The Portico EQ...
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    Nearfield Monitor Isolation- MoPAD vs ProPAD vs Sand?

    I am using NS10m's for monitoring. Currently they are sitting on a compacted 2" layer of sand that is wrapped tightly in plastic. That sand bag is on top of speaker stands. I'm questioning this setup and wondering if it would be a significant upgrade to move to the Auralex MoPAD instead of the...
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    Seeking Dolby Labs Model 362 Noise Reduction Unit PDF Manual

    Anyone out there have a PDF manual for the Dolby Labs Model 362 Noise Reduction Unit? Can't find it anywhere...... Many thanks in advance!