Rivera Silent Sister ISO Cab


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Dec 1, 2017
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Anyone tried one of these? I've had a couple ISO cabs in the past, and always been dissapointed with them. Boxy, muffled, blah sounding.

The Rivera clips I've heard sound pretty damn good. I'm pleasantly surprised, doesn't sound boxy at all.

Rivera sounds good, but the Demeter Iso Cab sounds horrid in this clip below! :barf::poo:

I ended up with a Grossman ISO cab from Germany, which was pretty cool and had awesome features, but at the end of the day, still has its limitations. I've now moved on from the ISO cab experiements, and back to a standard 2x12" cabinet. You miss something essential not being able to throw a room mic up back a bit from the amp, in my opinion. For certain situations though, I think these are good solutions. For instance, you could record with your ISO cab while taking a DI feed, and blending with Two Notes WOS II, distance mic'ing with an impulse response (haven't tried that, but would be an interesting experiement).
I ended up selling the Grossman shortly after getting it. I quickly realized that ISO boxes are just too much of a compromise.
A buddy of mine in Singapore went all-out on ISO cabs and to the best of my knowledge it was a "failed" experiment.

Same goes for the drum shields he bought.