For production and engineering ideas when you hit a roadblock, check out these two guys on youtube...

Warren is awesome. I like his Pultec collection!
Agreed, Pensado’s ITL segments are really great. They outline some useful modern fresh techniques but also new ways of approaching old concepts. Inspiring stuff that can often lead to conceptual changes in your creative and technical process.
I particularly like Warren's style; informative, accessible, listenable...
reviving an old thread but for good cause!

I went to LA in Feb for a Masterclass with Warren Huart. The man is EXACTLY like he is in the vids, a true gent too. VERY Giving of his time and experiences.

and... LOOK WHO SHOWED UP TO CHAT FOR HOURS!!! What an incredible experience I had!

Shelly Yakus.PNG

Warren Huart.jpg
Gee, that Matty's a good-lookin' bloke, ain't he? :laughing:

You must've had blast, mate. :cool: :agree:
Also, Matty, you should post the video along with it from when you were there!

Here it is: