Do we even really need hardware anymore?

Is hardware becoming obsolete for most things?

  • Yes, software is so good, hardware is not needed anymore except for preamps for tracking.

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Groot Note

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Plugins like Universal Audio have become so good over the last few years, and integration so tight. Do we even need hardware anymore to record music?

I mean, of course we need microphones and preamps. Besides that, are the days of analog hardware numbered?

What says you?


Monkey Man

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"Need" is a subjective term in this case.

Generally-speaking, the higher-end the recording facility, the more-likely it is to use a higher ratio of pricey outboard. Software emulations, whilst edging ever-closer to sounding like the real thing, have yet to reach the point where they're direct 1 : 1 replacements for hardware for those who can afford it.

When you ask if hardware "is becoming obsolete for most things", the key word here is "becoming" IMHO. There's a transition underway that started long ago and will continue for quite some time. That said, for the majority who're not well-heeled, software's pretty-much "there" for most practical intents and purposes.

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If tracking, I’m perfectly fine with the software compressors/eq’s I have in My ULN-8. To add a little flavour, having an outboard pre is a
nice addition.
If its mastering/mixing, plugins are getting better and better all the time.
Plenty of pros work in the box (not sure if thats all the time or not) and are happy to do so.
Andrew Scheps being one of them, Skyharbour studios (Eugene Chong) being another.
Me..I do a bit of mastering, mixing and recording.
Write every so often as well.
I don’t really call myself a “professional” but can “Monkey” around (sorry Monkey Man) enough to get a good sound in the


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Software is excellent.
Hardware is excellent too.
If you have hardware already, you’ll likely always mix with your favourites. That said, its pretty tough to beat running almost unlimited instances of a high quality plugin - whatever that may be.
I voted not sure because the tech keeps getting better and better.
I LOVE playing with outboard and committing to it. Pretty fun