Sale or Trade Tone King Metropolitan (Mark Bartel Era) 2 Channel 1x12" Combo Amp


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Dec 1, 2017
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Vancouver, BC Canada
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For sale is a Tone King Metropolitan 1x12 combo. Recently serviced and freshly retubed, and sounds fantastic.

I'm running short of space in my studio, and still have 3 other Tone King amps here, so have decided to find it a new home. This amp has great blackface and tweed like tones (although still its own thing going on), and V1 is very sensitive to tube changes, so it's easy to customize the sound with different V1 tube selections.

2 channels, rhythm and lead, independant power scaling controls for both channels. Footswitch for channels and reverb. Amp is in excellent condition. (These amps retailed new at close to 4K.)

Asking $2100 + $150 shipping Expedited Canada Post within Canada. Slightly more for US shipping. Amp will be well packed for transport if shipped. I can also meet anywhere in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area for an in-person sale or trade.

For trades, I'm only really looking for a USA thinline Tele of similar value (2019 Elite, etc.), but might be open to other trades.

The Tone King Metropolitan is the creation of master amp builder Mark Bartel's brain and heart. It's immediately obvious when you play through the Tone King Metropolitan, that Mr. Bartel has put some serious years of circuit design, chassis design and woodworking skills inside this marvelous amplifier. This most outstanding feature about these amps is that Mark literally builds the Metropolitan Amps himself, one at a time, in his personal shop in Baltimore, MD. From start to finish this amp is all Mark and he stands proud, as he should, behind his skills as a top notch master amplifier builder.

The Rhythm Channel on the Tone King Metropolitan lands somewhere between the typical "blackface" and "tweed" preamp tone but with a wider range than either of those classic preamps; this allows for a wide variety of tones that can fit into any situation. The Lead Channel features a "Mid-Bite" control that is unique to Tone King Amplifiers. With just a turn of a knob the Mid-Bite can take the Lead Channel anywhere from sweet "tweed" to "chunky" rock crunch and provides tons of tonal space to sculpt your sound. Lastly, this amp features Tone King's Phase-4 circuit which determines the actual power produced by the Metropolitan's power tubes. This allows the Metropolitan to literally run anywhere between .1 watt and the full 40 watts. This feature is labeled as Output Level and is provided for both channels.

Color - Black/Cream
Output Power Fully Adjustable from 0.1 Watts to 40 Watts
Output Tubes 4 x 6V6 (Cathode Biased, so it's easy!)
Rectifier Tube 5AR4
Preamp Tubes 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7
Speaker Single 12" Custom Designed Eminence
Reverb All Tube with a FULL SIZE 3-Spring Pan
Footswitch Controls Channel Switching and Reverb
Dimensions 24.25" Wide 18.25" Tall 12" Deep
Weight 42 lbs - Yep! That's it!