The Business of Music: Understanding 4 Distinct Revenue Streams for Songwriters


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Your gift will make room for you. I believe this saying is true. Songwriters and producers have the gift of creating music that inspires and shapes our culture. I often meet independent songwriters and producers and I am inspired by their God-given talent to create content that the world has not experienced thus far. However, I have observed a slight disconnect — most of these talented songwriters and producers are not fully equipped with the knowledge of how to capitalize on their art form.

The music business is just that — a business. The purpose of most businesses is to produce income. The music industry is no different. When meeting with songwriters and producers, my goal is to educate them on at least one aspect of copyright ownership that they may not have known prior to our meeting. As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” so I make it my point of duty to educate content creators, as a result of my passion for music and its lasting effect on our culture.

Below is a brief description of four types of royalties in which songwriters and producers can collect for the content that they create, in hopes of establishing solid revenue streams for the content creator.

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Its a strange time in terms of artists making a living relative to their streams etc.
especially during Covid. No mechanical
Sales and no tours.
its disheartening to me.
I am SO looking forward to a Covid vaccine and a return to some live events and get out there to start recording and producing acts.
God I miss it.

Groot Note

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It is all about licensing now. That's the way forward in this climate and industry with streaming revenue low, and sales no longer really being a thing.