How Do I Include An Audio File In My Post?

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Q: How do I include an audio file in my post?

A: There's a couple of ways of doing this.

1. Basic method: The simplest method is to just attach an mp3 file with your post, using the "attach files" button. The mp3 file will automatically show up in its own player (new)!

2. MEDIA GALLERY FILES - MP3 file with embedded player: To have your Media Gallery mp3 file appear in an audio player, first create a media album of audio files, and upload your files there. Once done, you can use the "Gallery Embed" option within the body of your post (if you don't see it, click the gear icon on the right to toggle BB Code). Click the camera icon, and then select the audio file you've already uploaded to your gallery. For multiple files, simply select more than one file, and click continue.

Once complete, save your post. Your mp3 files will show up, each in their own player.
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