Exponential Audio Sold to Izotope - Exponential Website to Close Shop


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April 3, 2019

From Michael Carnes (Exponential Audio):

Some Exciting News

Hello. This note is going out to customers of Exponential Audio and to people who’ve been interested in Exponential products. I have very big news and I’ll share that with you just a little later on in this message. But first I’d like to reminisce with you.

I created Exponential Audio in 2012 and released PhoenixVerb and R2 a year later. Over time that grew into a portfolio of 12 plugins. I hoped for a modest level of success at best: no one could have been more surprised at the growth of the company than I have been. You may not know this, but Exponential Audio has always been fundamentally one person. It was up to me to design and code the plugins, market and sell them, and then to address issues that may have come up. If you contacted Exponential with a question or problem, then you were talking with me. But as any company grows, each of those responsibilities needs more effort and focus; a time comes to take a next step. It’s that time for Exponential Audio.

I’ve known for a while that Exponential Audio would outgrow me and would need a new home. I looked at lots of other companies and considered their many strengths. There are plenty of good companies out there, but the first one that really excited me was iZotope. I’m happy to tell you that sometimes things work out just the way you’d like. iZotope is the new home of Exponential Audio! I’m excited to be working with them, and I’ll be working with iZotope for quite some time. I’m helping with new products and you can still catch me at shows and presentations. But you’ll also be hearing new names and seeing new faces. They are capable and energetic, and I’d like you to give them a big welcome.

Change can be challenging and you’re going to see some changes in Exponential Audio. But you will see a continued dedication to quality and innovation. We share the same ethical sensibilities and drive toward excellence. Most importantly you’re going to see some really exciting new developments that I’d have never been able to accomplish by myself. You’ll see one change right away: the Exponential Audio website will disappear, with the best of its content moving over to iZotope. All of our support and informational email addresses will be going to iZotope (to tell the truth, they’ve been there for months already). We’ll benefit from iZotope’s much larger group of product specialists and large dealer portfolio and you—if you haven’t already—will have a chance to learn about some of the indispensable products iZotope has been making for years. And don’t worry about your Exponential Audio licenses. They’re still good and you can keep using them as long as you like.

I did say that Exponential Audio was fundamentally a one-person company and that’s true. But no one does everything alone. I’ve had some great partners who have helped me grow. There isn’t enough space here to thank all of the new friends I’ve made along the way. So let me thank all of you for letting Exponential Audio become part of your toolkit. And thanks to my family for a deep well of support that never ran dry.


Michael Carnes