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Oct 30, 2017
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October 11, 2018


BURL Audio is very proud to announce its new line of BURL NextGen Analog circuits for the BURL Audio product line. These new designs are the result of 25 years of analog R&D and thousands of hours of listening tests. The BURL NextGen Analog circuits raise the bar of excellence in pro audio analog electronics fidelity.

The new designs are both in the form of new op-amps and non-op-amp based designs such as the BAD8. New BURL Audio products and some existing BURL Audio products will implement these BURL NextGen Analog designs.

The new featured op-amps are the BOPA11 and BOPA14. The BOPA11 will replace the BOPA1 found in the B2 BOMBER DAC and the B26 ORCA CONTROL ROOM MONITOR. The BOPA14 will replace both the BOPA2 found in the B32 VANCOUVER MIX BUS and the BOPA4 found in the BDA8. The BAD8 already employs the BURL NextGen Analog technology, though it does not use op-amps.

Products that will continue with the classic BURL analog sections will be the B2 BOMBER ADC, the BAD4, B1 and B1D mic pres.

The new designs feature tighter bass and higher definition throughout the audio spectrum. Instruments and mixes have a more 3D sound, with wider stereo image and even more depth while preserving the original shape and harmonic balance of the source. If you thought the current BURL Audio products sounded great, these new analog designs are sure to blow your mind.

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