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In an email to customers today from Antelope Audio owner and founder Igor Levin, Antelope Audio have annouced that Sweetwater Sound will no longer be carrying their products.

Dear customers & partners,

We would like to inform you that as of June 28th, Antelope is no longer working with Sweetwater.
In our highly dynamic market these situations happen often, they are usually synonymous of change which is positive for either side of the sales line.
What is paramount for Antelope is providing the best products, services and innovation to our customers.

We would like to assure you that Antelope will naturally continue supporting all its existing Sweetwater customers over this transition period and after.
Last week we have launched our new support system available on our website. This new feature was brought in to strengthen our position towards quality and our valued customers.

This system will allow us to respond, track and answer all our customer’s support needs faster and better than ever before, therefore should you have any question or queries please visit this page:

We thank Sweetwater for their tremendous work over the last decades with Antelope. We shared an amazing journey and achieved important milestones together.

Change is a synonym of untapped opportunities and we look forward as to where Antelope, with its customers, will go in its journey for remaining one of the most innovative audio manufacturers on the market!

Sincerely yours,
Igor Levin
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