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    Chinese Pirates of Electro-Harmonix Software Walk the Plank!

    "After almost two years of fighting, the Chinese courts have awarded Electro-Harmonix a nearly six figure judgement. Our victory is now complete and these pirates have walked the plank!" Shenzhen MooerAudio Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer and marketer of electronic effects pedals, was...
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    Hardware BURL NextGen Analog Products Announced

    BURL Audio Santa Cruz, CA October 11, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BURL Audio is very proud to announce its new line of BURL NextGen Analog circuits for the BURL Audio product line. These new designs are the result of 25 years of analog R&D and thousands of hours of listening tests. The BURL...
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    Hardware Solid State Logic Launches Fusion

    OXFORD, ENGLAND - Solid State Logic is extremely proud to announce Fusion, an all-analogue 2U outboard processor created for the modern hybrid studio. Fusion introduces five completely new analogue colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and...
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    Antelope Audio & Sweetwater Sound Part Company

    In an email to customers today from Antelope Audio owner and founder Igor Levin, Antelope Audio have annouced that Sweetwater Sound will no longer be carrying their products. Dear customers & partners, We would like to inform you that as of June 28th, Antelope is no longer working with...
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    Forum Software Update - May 26th

    We've updated the forum software today. If anything is acting funky :robot:, please let us know! :agree:
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    Sonic Farm XCalibur JC vs the Brainworx BlackBox plugin

    Awesome, thanks for doing that comparison.
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    Software Line 6 Echo Farm Now Available in Native VST and AU Formats

    Line 6 has announced the release of their popular Echo Farm plugin for VST and AU native formats. Bring legendary delay and echo effects to your sessions Supporting Audio Units and VST in addition to AAX Native, Echo Farm™ 3.0 now works with all popular DAWs. Bring classic echo sounds to any...
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Hi @djkim, Welcome! Thanks for signing up. There's no "off topic" forum section, but we can create one if there's interest. You could just post it in one of the other forums and we can move it later if you like.
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Hi Monkey Man, We've just applied some updates, so if you have some time to check, let us know if that's improved things. You also may need to create a custom rule in Little Snitch to allow for, although that shouldn't be required unless you had permanently denied...
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    Hardware Korg Announces Prologue - A new-generation of Flagship Analog Synthesizer

    A new-generation of flagship analog synthesizer. The ultimate multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine. Pologue is a fully-programmable, full-featured, professional synthesizer. Preceded by the four-voice polyphonic minilogue and the monophonic monologue, it’s the long awaited debut of the...
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    LEAK: Fender preps new Parallel Universe Series for NAMM 2018 launch

    Check 'em out! New leaked Fender series of guitars.
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    New Emojis!

    Thanks for the suggestions! Always happy to try and fill requests. We've got some more to add still after the holidays. :agree: :cheers:
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Hi Monkey Man, That's very strange. Feel free to PM me a screenshot if you have time. Maybe I can dig into it more on this end.
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    New Emojis!

    Here's a few more! :smile::keys::sax::toj::toj2::steam::crossed::eyes::radio::barf::clown::rotfl::blush::weary::poo::robotface:
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    I'm Using Safari. How Can I Disable Auto-Correct?

    If you are using Safari, you might have noticed that your posts are being annoyingly auto-corrected by OSX's built in spell check function. This is especially frustrating when typing the names of gear or software. To turn this off, go to your Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Keyboard. Click...
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    We just did a forum software update, so hopefully that fixes any issues! Thanks. :agree:
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Hi Monkey Man, Thanks for the heads up. Did you happen to have cookies disabled? I have LS here and haven't noticed any issue, but maybe your filter settings were more aggressive? It seems strange that it would block a simple form field. If you want to provide any more details, feel free to PM...
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    SAMPLE PACK Paul Cheeba's Beat Treats - Drum Kicks, Snares and Hi-Hats - Free Sample Pack! 1

    This sample pack is free to all Soundloop members. You just need to be logged in to download this sample pack. Once logged in, click on the big yellow "download" button in the top right corner of your browser. Meticulously recorded drum hits by Soundloop member/contributor/mod Paul Godfrey...
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    Report Problems/Get Help Here!

    Thank you b0se! Thanks for joining and for your participation here. Please help us grow by spreading the word! Thank you for your suggestion. We can certainly branch out with a dedicated mixing forum if there's enough interest. In the meantime, the "Recording Gear" or "Tips and Techniques"...
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    New Emojis!

    We've got some fresh new emojis available! In the editor, just click the "smiles" button to view and select the new emojis. If you have any emoji suggestions, let us know! :bangz::musicnotes::loudspeaker: :drum::controls::fader: